Timberline Pools & Spas specializes in providing its clients with the pool fixtures that they want. This includes a large range of customization and options. These options can include new tile, decking, resurfacing and more. We aim to fulfill what you want, not what’s convenient for us. You’ll know the difference when your pool has that extra touch of professionalism that money alone can’t buy.

Keeping Up With The Times

Your pool isn’t set in stone — only concrete. If you would like to add a beautiful waterfall or slide to your pool, now is the time to do so. If you want to create a rocky facade that blends in with your landscape, we can handle it. Enjoy the prestige of having the best with our innovative designs and customization.

Redesign Your Pool the Way You Want It

If you need a change in scenery or you want to adjust your venue, you don’t have to settle for cosmetic changes. With our help, your swimming pool can be transformed into something that more matches your vision. We mean it when we say that our pool contracting services can cater to your needs and desires.

Catering to Your Property’s Needs

Each home and backyard has different needs. Whether you are hesitant because of a sloping lawn or environmental factors, we can help. We believe in crafting your swimming pool so that it works for you and your home. Don’t settle for standard models or automated processes. You won’t find a list of models to choose from with us. Instead, rely on our experience and expertise as we compile your needs and vision into a project that is yours and yours alone.

Start Your Consultation

Your renovation starts with Timberline Pools & Spas. We’ll work with you from initial designs and steps to budgeting, installations and more. If you feel like your pool isn’t the landmark that it should be, call us for an expert consultation at 775-220-4813. We would love to discuss your ideas and bring them to life.

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